Monday, 19 March 2012

[More From] No7 Vital Brights Collection

I absolutely love this collection!
There are an additional few items that I didn't purchase (or should I say haven't yet) which are the highlighter and another cream blush.
The prices range between £10 for the lipsticks and blushes to £13 for the eye palette and highlighter
I got mine for £5 and £8 with... another 3 No7 Vouchers!
The packaging on this range is just beautiful- but the lipstick cases should have the flower print too!

Lipsticks in Blossoming Pink and Blooming Pink (see prev blog post)


On Lips:

Again this lipstick is just as lovely as the Blooming Pink- although the brighter pink is my favourite as it is more pigmented and just lovely! This is the more 'safe' colour and very similar to Clinique Bamboo Pink Lipstick. Glossy texture with a moisturizing feel that lasts so well!

Cream Blush in Blooming Pink

Swatched: Blended and a swatch

This looks pretty frightening in the pan, but as you can see , it blends to a very soft but rich pink with just the right amount of colour. This matches so well with the lipstick after blending. I love this. The texture really melts in the pan, so you don't end up wasting loads of product- a light dab is all you need for a healthy pink flush. Lasts well too.

Vital Brightening Eye Palette

This has 5 colours of varying neutrals and they are all shimmer- not with chunks of glitter or anything like that, but even the dark brown isn't quite matte, very pretty nonetheless and it looks so gorgeous in the pan.


The last colour can be used as a highligher, and the yellow gold is perfect for the inner corners of the eyelid to brighten up a smokey eye.

I also did a VLOG on this collection here;


  1. The eyeshadow Palette looks beautiful:):) I bought the highlighter and I've been using it so much recently xxx