Saturday, 3 March 2012

Vo5 Plump it Up Weightless Mousse

I picked this product up the other day....VO5 Plump it Up - Weightless Mousse with Heat Defence

I have really long but quite fine hair, so it's as flat as a pancake most of the time, especially after straightening, so I'm always after a new volumising product that will work in my hair.
Well I think I may have found it in this!

Price: only £2 from Asda (offer)

Product Description: ''This lightweight mousse will give your locks long lasting volume! Not only that, it's non-sticky formula will help protect your hair from heat damage''.

Directions: ''Squirt onto palm of hand. Gently rub palms together and starting at the roots, "rake" through the hair to distribute evenly . For ultimate volume, use a large round brush to blow dry and lift from the roots. Get styling!''

My Opinion: There aren't actually any instructions as to whether or not this should be used on wet hair or dry hair on the back. I tried it on dry hair and was really impressed.
It really is a lightweight, non sticky mousse as described and when used on dry hair it didn't make my hair look or feel greasy or crispy, but be careful not to squirt out too much. The volume it produced immediately was excellent and it smells amazing! It gave great lift from the root. I think using this pre-rollers for a night out would give even better volume, especially when set with a hairdryer. Having the heat defence is also a bonus as I use some form of heat styler every day and I've been quite lax at using any form of heat defence lately.

Repurchase: Yes.

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