Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation Review

I received a sample of this foundation in Glamour Magazine in the shade B30 Beige, and having left my usual foundation [Clinique Even Better]  in Leeds, I thought I'd try this as I've not been that happy with any foundation since my Holy Grail of Clinique Superfit which they annoyingly discontinued (whyyyyyyy!!!!).
I have combination/dry (Type 2 Clinique) skin.

It is described as a 'Longwear Flawless Fluid Makeup' with SPF10 and is oil-free

At first I thought the Perfection Lumiere was really good. When I squeezed some out of the sample, it had a lovely scent and felt velvety smooth, a quality that I loved about Superfit. I applied this in my windowless bathroom on Monday and being in a hurry to get out of the door, I didn't bother to check it in natural light, and I think I also may have forgot to moisturize! I did notice that it clung to my peach fuzz and my nose which is a weird oily/dry combo that can't make up it's mind so I thought it would be better trying it again with a thick moisturizer. Also, the coverage wasn't too great on my problem areas even when I layered up over them (jawline and cheeks have some purple/red spot scars- this has only started in the last 6-8 months!!). I continued with bronzer/blush and eyes and set off.

On Tuesday I ended up wearing Rimmel Match Perfection in True Nude as I had to rush (again) to a driving lesson, but I did remember to moisturize. This was probably a little too dark for me [This was the 'emergency' foundation I bought] but gave a nice finish with a heavy moisturizer under it and the Sleek Blush in Turbinado on the apples of my cheeks. Although it doesn't do much to cover spot marks as it's a lighter coverage than the Clinique Even Better or Anti Blemish (I recommend this so much if you have spot/acne scarring on your face). Again, my usual concealer wasn't with me, so i was using Rimmel Stay Matte. I wouldn't bother with this concealer again, it's pretty rubbish.

Anyway, back to Chanel!
So, today I wanted to try again with Perfection Lumiere. I went through my usual skincare routine and used a good moisturizer, waited a little bit to let it settle in, and applied the foundation with my fingers (as I had before) at my window in complete natural light. Well...
It was patchy, especially at the far end of my jaw, despite good blending, and further blending with a brush and it looked terrible. As I was going for a natural look today, there was no way I could have went out with just this foundation, concealer and blush. I had to wash it off! I went back to the back-up Rimmel... I know, washing off Chanel for Rimmel seems ridiculous, and I couldn't quite believe it myself, but I just couldn't stand how it looked.

I went to the Chanel counter today and spoke to the assistant about the problems I'd had with Perfection Lumiere. She did seem a little taken aback at first when I described the look PL had on me and that I had to wash it off, although I was just describing it honestly. Having seen Pixiwoo frequently use Chanel foundations, and loving Vitalumiere Aqua, I thought I'd give it a shot, as Perfection Lumiere is obviously too dry for me. She happily gave me a sample, although didn't properly match it to my skin, she just asked if I was happy with B30 in the PL and gave me the same, so I will review Vitalumiere Aqua in a few days!!

Chanel Perfection Lumiere 

Nice Scent
Would suit oily skin, as has powdered matte finish and is oil free
Huge range of shades available
Long Lasting (if you like it enough to keep it on)
Light coverage (this is a con for me)

Patchy/ Cakey in areas
Clings to dry areas/peach fuzz etc
Coverage isn't great, especially on problem areas- not flawless as described
Sets a bit too quickly for brush application

Although this foundation has more pros than cons, for me its sadly not the one. I hope it's better for others as itreally does feel lovely on the face, it just didn't look lovely on me!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mixed Makeup Review (Pic heavy)

I've come home for some of my annual leave and I stupidly forgot my makeup bag. My daily essentials are languishing 180 miles away in my bathroom. I have most of my skincare, which I packed separately, except my moisturiser. Damn! So I had to purchase some other make and took the opportunity to pop into Superdrug and pick up some MUA makeup which I keep hearing about, It's a very cheap brand (prices start from only £1) but apparently has some well pigmented products, so I thought I'd pick some up and review them here alongside some other products I bought.

SLEEK Blush by 3 Palette in Sugar £9.99
I was after the LACE Palette but unfortunately it was sold out. Sugar was the next closest to it in colour so I bought it instead. I'm so so impressed by this palette! The pigmentation is excellent, and for the price the quality is excellent. I will definitely be picking up more Sleek Palettes, for both Blush and Eye. I have swatched it below (sorry about the horrendous blur, my camera kinda sucks)

 This palette has 2 matte and 1 shimmer blushes.

<<<< This shade is 'Demerara' and is a Matte red/brown colour

<<<< This shade is 'Muscovado' and is a shimmery coral/brown, like a darker, less coral Coralista by Benefit (The middle shade in the Lace Palette is much more like Coralista!)

<<<< The final shade is called Turbinado, and is a Matte bright coral/orange. This will be lovely in Summer... if we get one!

You can really see the shimmer in the middle shade

5/5 for this palette, lovely packaging with included mirror, great product and value for money.

NOTE: The 1st colour here (Pink) is the MUA Blusher from below's picture!!

AVON Onyx Lustre Trip-Lip Gloss in Peach Sparkle
I actually got this gloss a few weeks ago but only tried it the other day, but I had to review it since I was asked if I had had my lips 'done' by someone I met from school! Well my lips are au naturale, but theywere sporting this gloss over some Revlon Just Bitten in Passion. Gorgeous smell and flavour from this gloss, and gives a plumped look with out actually having any plumping properties. So if you want bigger lips, then I'd recommend this combo. (NOTE: Swatch of this is after the MUA Products pic)

From R-L Mac, MUA and Barry M Eye Kohls

MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy £14
This + Urban Decay Naked Palette = A match made in heaven! Gorgeous bronzey brown kohl, that stays put! Consistency is smooth on application, but will stay on a top lid as a liner or can be smudged in to form a bronzed smoky eye.

Barry M Nail Paints; Instant Nail Effects/Foil Effects (Gold- shade 320) £3.99 and Peach Melba (shade 318) £2.99 and a FREE Eye Kohl also worth £2.99 (swatched with the other eyeliners)

Can I just express my utter pleasure at the Foil Effects Nail Paint!! The above pic is only one coat!!!
It dries pretty quickly but you have to be careful not to dent it after the second coat (which it actually didn't need). Would be amazing with a clear Shellac coating over the top to make it last.

Lovely little marshamallow pink colour polish for only £2.99.  
This is two coats. 

MUA- MakeUpAcademy Products

(Reviewed in descending order below, minus the 2nd one which is the AVON Lipgloss!!)

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black £1 (a pound!!!!)
This stuff is better than what I've been using before, granted they weren't waterproof, but this stuff lasted all day and didn't move or fade in the slightest and for once I wore a liquid eyeliner that didn't transfer onto my heavy lids just after application or throughout the day. Would definitely re-purchase this!  5/5

Lipgloss in Shade 2 £1
Butterscotch scented lipgloss that is quite sheer but with a noticeable colour, has some shimmer in it too. Nice over the red lipstick!

Lipsticks in Shade 3 (Pink with very slight subtle shimmer) and Shade 8 (Deep red with a shimmer) £1 each
Really smooth and creamy opaque lipsticks that give excellent colour in one sweep. Although they aren't very transfer-proof onto glasses when drinking etc, they don't bleed without a lip-liner or give you lipstick teeth, can't complain for a pound.

Intense Glitter Black Kohl in Black £1
It's hard to see the glitter in this eyeliner but it's very much there, but in a nice way. I usually hate anything glittery, but this has such a nice consitency, so smooth! I haven't wore it for any length of time so I'll have to see if it lasts without smudging all over my heavy lids as a top liner. Much better pigment and consistency than the Barry M Kohl pencil and it comes with a handy pencil sharpener in the lid- genius!! (Pics with other eye kohls above).

Blush in Shade 1 £1
Standing in for my Clinique Iced lotus Blusher, this little blush is amazing!! Lastsall day when applied with a good brush, there can be a bit much product picked up and also a bit of fallout when you sweep the brush in, but it stays contained within the compact.

Sorry some of the products are a bit muddled in other pictures in different parts of the post, changed the way I wanted to lay the post out. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Glossybox Envy!!!

So I was checking out Glossybox reviews/vlogs to see what other people got, colour variations etc.

Well. A bloody Becca cheek tint!!! I get given a crappy smelling hand sanitiser which reeks of disgusting lavender instead of a quality FULL SIZE makeup product worth £20. Come on GlossyBox, don't you think the majority, if not all of your subscribers would have appreciated this product?

I know I got the lipgloss, which I did like, but I am seriously miffed about not getting this product!

Monday, 20 February 2012

GlossyBox - February

Well it seems like only yesterday I got my January GlossyBox. It was infact, just yesterday that I got round to  reviewing GlossyBox January.
Well this month I am happier with the box, mostly due to the two make up items which lay in wait for me to open. However, there is a whopping stench of Lavender wafting around this box...
                                                    i. hate. lavender
It is an ingredient in two out of the five products which I received. Bleurgh. I will try and review them, but I can't say I wasn't disappointed in getting Dr Bronner's Hand Sanitizer rather than the (used for washing makeup brushes) Liquid Soap that others got.

So, back to the standard pretty pink and black box this month. Additional card reads; Expect The Unexpected from 24th Feb. Some sort of MysteryBox. Exciting...

February's offerings from L-R

Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitizer- Full size (59ml)
It's a hand sanitizer, and it's Lavender. That's all I pretty much have to say on this one. If I had a Grannie, I'd give her this. Ok maybe I'm being a bit harsh...
Positive(s)- uhmm it's organic and a fair product :)

DuWop Venom Gloss in Buttercup- 5ml 
Happy Happy happy. Something I can use and enjoy! Very nice subtle colour (see swatch below- if you can even see it- bad workman blaming tools). This Lipgloss has a sort of cinnamon scented tingle to it, which doesn't hit you right away but it definitely starts to tingle away after a little while. Gives lips a nice plumped effect too I think. Winner!

Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel- 50ml
Essential oil containing shower gel. Consisting of Eucalytptus, Geranium, LAVENDER and Peppermint.
The peppermint gets you first, then the dreaded one, then the eucalyptus (which I love) and geranium scents.
I was sort of like, uhh another shower gel, after having received two in January's Box, but I will get round to trying this one, if I can let my love of Eucalyptus make me ignore the lavender content.

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in Wolf Howl- 1g
Love this! So happy that this BUAV and PETA approved product is so great. There is no need for animal testing in this day and age! This line is by Kimberly Wyatt (ex-PussycatDoll and Got to Dance Judge) and Co-Founder Laura McComiskie. Furthermore, their products are ''free from bismuth oxychloride, parabens, nano particles and synthetic dyes and fragrances''  
This eyeshadow had such a pigmented colour. I wouldn't necessarily have picked this colour for myself (although purples are great for green eyes), but I think worked into a smokey eye of an evening, it could be gorgeous!

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm- 25ml
Stated as being an 'intense hydrating treatment for your hair' which 'smooths and controls'.Well I haven't tried this as yet... Having limp straightish, flyaway hair, I need volume and not a product for frizz. My GHD's take care of that for me. But I will try this when I wave my hair and see if it keeps them neat. Smells nice enough. Full of Parabens though, if you are into avoiding all that.
**** Ok, I've now since tried this product****
 I didn't have time to straighten my hair today, so I thought I'd take that as an opportunity to try this out and give it a proper review. It's basically like a serum but with a less oily texture. It did help smooth my hair down , but after a while my hair really looked like it needed a good brush -it probably did - and I thought it sort of made my hair look a bit greasy even though it was freshly washed. I obviously kept this product away from the root, but it did keep my ends tidier than they would have been if I hadn't used it.

I've also now subscribed to JolieBox, so I will be reviewing that too when it arrives.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

GlossyBox- Janvier

My GlossyBox finally came, after having to re-arrange a royal mail delivery. Blah. But it eventually came on my birthday, so I was even happier to open up this little box of joy!

Here was the pretty Valentine's Day box...

 Here are the products I received;

From L-R

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer- 5ml;
I had no love for this product whatsoever, made zero difference, except maybe making me look oilier although it is oil free.
Have also heard this has broken people out badly, so beware.

Davines Cleansing Nectar- 90ml;
Haven't tried this yet, but it's basically an all round hair/body product, free from parabens/silicones etc.
It states it is an oil shampoo so I don't think I'd personally try this on my hair for that reason. it has quite a strong smell, not unpleasant, but I prefer creamy shower/bath products. A good sized sample though, as the full size is 280mls and costs £18.50.

Davines Moisturising Balm- 75ml;
This I have tried, and I love. Again this is for hair and body. Used on damp skin, it's a really nice moisturizer and for hair it's like a conditioner. I personally love it straight onto my hands. I am a constant handwasher due to my job and they were really soft after using this product.

Fab Gentle Body Wash- 56.7g;
Haven't tried this either as it smells of nothing at all. It is another 'baddie-free' body cleanser suitable for very sensitive skin.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Emerald Green- Full Size;
I have green eyes so this was perfect for me. I love this eyeliner, it doesn't have the best staying power and I had to re-apply it, but I would purchase this again as it's well pigmented without looking too much. Wasn't too fussed on the shape of the handle which is  long and tapered to 'allow precise definition'.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


First post. Just a brief outline of what's to come;

Makeup reviews,tutorials by me/by others I like

A little bit of OOTD if I ever get round to buying the camera I've been lusting after for months. Current one is just not up to scratch.

Just general things I have bought and recommend/recommend avoiding etc... 

I plan on buying and reviewing the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo who I love! She is a fab makeup artist and her cruelty-free brushes look really good. I was going to purchase some Sigma brushes, but I think I'll try the RT ones first as they are easier to come by. 

I've also just become a subscriber to Glossybox, so I look forward to reviewing my monthly surprises

Jaimie x