Friday, 18 April 2014

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Elixir

I popped into Boots yesterday to pick up a few bits of makeup I was running short on. But this was the main item on my list. It's fairly new from the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Range. I'd heard about this from one of Anna's videos on YouTube (Viviannadoesmakeup) and I had to try it out for myself.

So how is this different from any other fake tan?
Well, the gist of this product is that you apply it once it for 3 consecutive days, and the result should last 2 weeks!

The texture of this is very different  because it is an elixir. It has a watery-gel like consistency which dries fast (as claimed) . However, it dries fast to the point you HAVE to be quick! And because the formula is non tinted (it's a sort of golden yellow colour) I'd say you have to be pretty good at applying fake tan to be confident to use this... Unless you want to lose a layer of skin trying to exfoliate off any mistakes!

Fortunately I'm not too bad at applying fake tan, and I really liked the fact that this product did not make me feel disgustingly dirty after I had applied it. I applied this using only gloves.
I would NOT recommend that you use a fake tan mitt/old sock/ etc . The product dries too quickly for you to have an even enough spread  of the elixir, without having to use too much  product; as it will all have soaked into the mitt.

I would recommend  that you are well moisturized  beforehand, the Nivea in- shower moisturizer is a dream to use before tan  because it doesn't leave any residue that would interfere with the tan itself. This product is not forgiving on dry patches so you really can't afford to be flaky with this one.

L'Oreal claim that this  has a  ' no self-tan smell' which is true initially, but when you wake up the next morning it definitely does leave a hint of biscuit.
Also the great thing about this is it doesn't stain bed sheets , so thumbs up for that!

Colour wise I'd definitely say  that this product adapts to your skin tone. I've read reviews from pale girls who say it gives them a lovely golden tan. I have medium olive skin  which tans naturally in the sun very well, and this has definitely given me a colour I like, just from the first application. I just worry how dark I will go with another 2 applications. Perhaps with showering etc it will lighten down a little. Anyway, here is a picture from my day 1 application in natural light, with no flash.

I will put up progress pics for day 2 and 3 and  then update as to how long the tan lasted, and also how it fades.

Right now this is on offer at Boots & Superdrug for  around  £10.66  (1/3 off) so a saving of around £5 or so. I'd recommend grabbing it now before it goes up again.