Sunday, 11 March 2012

Eyeko Mascara Review

So as you may well know, Eyeko rebranded and got WAY more expensive, like 3x more. They used to be considedered a quirky but very affordable brand of makeup

I rediscovered a pre-rebrand Eyeko mascara in my Scotland house when I was on the hunt to find alternatives to my forgotten makeup bag without spending a small fortune again.

It was one of Eyekos tube mascaras that I swear I bought off ASOS for £5.
It's called 'Long Luscious Lashes' and basically is the EXACT same as their rebranded 'skinny brush mascara' which retails for £15!! Seriously, do companies think we are daft? Unless there has been some miracle formulation that they invented, how can a rebrand justify charging 3x the price for essentially a different font on the packaging. The long luscious lashes is an excellent mascara in terms of wear, look and staying power... a little clumpy if you layer too much, and an absolute flakey nightmare when trying to remove it, but a good product all the same for £5, but not justifiable for £15 if they are palming us off with the same formula. I hope this comes in a glossybox soon so I can review it, as I'd rather spend £15 on High Impact by Clinique.

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