Monday, 30 April 2012

March JolieBox

Sorry this is extremely late, I've been so busy lately that I haven't posted for ages, not helped by the fact that JolieBox had to send me another box as my original one didn't arrive! I wonder if I had the same products in the original one too?!

So this was my first JolieBox. Packaging- Outside is nice, inside is boring, I much prefer GlossyBox's paper etc. The bag may come in handy, which is the purpose of it; but it just lacks the aesthetics of GB.

I received;

Jane Iredale lip & cheek stain
Very nice little product, but very little of it! [Although I shouldn't moan, it was a gift for new subscribers and everything else was full size]
I didn't get this in GB so I was happy I got it in my JB. It's one of those lip products that supposedly changes colour depending on your mood. Here it is swatched below

It definitely changed colour on me after a few minutes of wear, to a light fuschia pink (this photo shows it a bit lighter than IRL)

Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm (Full Size)
I actually already have this, as given to me in a previous GlossyBox. It's a multi-tasking product which can be used as a makeup remover (not sure i'd use it for that and you can't use it near eyes), hair balm or body moisturiser (which, strangely they recommend you rinse off). I really like it as a hand cream, but I haven't tried it on my hair. The scent is lovely and this will definitely be coming on holiday with me.

Yardley Body Wash (Full size)
When it comes to body washes, I favour only one- Palmolive Almond Milk, so I rarely try any other. I would usually associate Yardley with old women, but I am just so glad I received this in Peony, as I would have gone a little crazy if I'd received another lavender scented thing. Has a pretty floral scent, very spring like and was a generous 200mls with lovely packaging. I'd take this away with me for a long weekend.

Eyeko Skinny eyeliner (Full Size)
Another product I've had in a GB, but thankfully not the same colour. This is a browny plum- not particularly well pigmented, but nice enough colour.

LCN Nail Polish- Free your mind collection (Full Size)
There isn't actually a colour/name for the shade I received, but it's a shimmery iridescent pale pink which is great for natural daytime
Nice colour but not particularly long lasting, began chipping off the next day even with a topcoat.

Merit for-  Number of full size products, free mirror.
Demerits for- Delivery time, sending some previous glossybox products.

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  1. Looks like you received a lovely box! I've never heard of Jolie box but the products they feature look really interesting and I like how they included so many full sized products!