Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Remington Pearl ProStyler Ci9522 Review & Guide

I first seen this double barrelled styler on a  you tube tutorial by FleurdeForce and was stunned when she mentioned it only cost £10.99 from Amazon! I am usually wary of any hair styler that isn't ghd because I have really long but quite fine hair, that doesn't hold a curl particularly long. However, I was after natural looking waves and this delivers. I bought it before Fleur's tutorial had even ended.

It has varying degrees of heat to suit your individual hair type and comes in a heatproof sleeve, with a black heatproof glove provided. I believe these are now retailing at £14.99 but they are more than worth it!


Step by Step Guide;

Turn the styler on (I use it at 210 degrees C )

Hold in the ' - ' button for 2 seconds to lock this temperature and prevent accidental changes

Section your hair into two halves, then section your chosen first half into three and clip the top 2 sections away

Use a heat protectant of your choice - I used KMS California Hot Flex Spray

Take a section of hair about 2 inches wide (thinner for tighter waves, and wider for looser waves)

Put the heat-proof glove provided onto the hand which you will use to wind the hair round the tong (trust me use it!!)

Place the 2'' section of hair in between the two barrells

Wrap the hair under then over the barrell furthest from your head until the hair is back in the middle of the two barrells

Now take it down then over the barrell nearest your head until the section of hair is back in between the two barrells.

Continue to the outermost barrell in a figure of 8 motion and back to the innermost barrell, until you have wrapped the length of your hair.

Hold for 10 seconds and release.

Now on the next section start with the barrell nearest your head, then on the neaxt go back to the outermost etc etc

You can add a twist by taking the top 2 curls and twisting them round each other, then adding in another 1 or 2, and secure with kirbies

Voila, easy pretty hair that is quicker than straightening when you get the hang of it!

Here is the finishing look I got using the above steps:

And the finishing look using wider sections of hair (and added headband):



  1. I cant wait to grow my hair long so I can use something like this, its taking forever!


  2. wow, I have been looking for a product that would do this to my hair! I have to buy this now! Your hair looks lovely! I have quite long hair and just wanted it to look naturally curly rather than forced, as my hair is naturally curly underneath but not on top!

    1. This is perfect for that, it's exactly what I was going for and I love this! x x

  3. Thank you for sharing this post, Jaimie. I've also shared a related post in my blog. It's about having curly hair.

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