Saturday, 28 March 2015

La Roche Posay Serozinc Review

This product is a French pharmacy staple, that until very recently wasn't available in the UK, unless of course you found an eBay or Amazon seller to ship it to you, or bought it (in bulk) directly from a trip to France.
Thankfully hauling yourself to City Pharma any chance you get is no longer necessary (but still, who doesn't love Paris) and you can now purchase Serozinc online from Escentual (£8.50/150mls)

On to the product itself...

Serozinc is a zinc sulphate toner  in an aerosol can.
To apply you can either spray it directly onto your face and let it dry (my preferred method) or spray it onto a cotton pad and swipe all over the face after cleansing.

This product is targeted toward oily, blemish/acne prone skin, but there is no reason why dry or sensitive skins couldn't benefit from this, as the ingredients are purely water, zinc sulphate and sodium chloride. No nasties hiding in this can!
Zinc is great for the skin and I have recently restarted taking zinc tablets to help clear up my skin. However,  I have definitely noticed a difference with this product, as it has direct contact with my problem areas , namely along my jaw , where I get under the skin painful spots and little white bumps. The under the skin spots have began to clear to the point where they are no longer visible and I can barely feel them to touch .

 I hope this is the wonder product I've been looking for... so far so good!

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