Thursday, 2 August 2012

June Joliebox

I apologise for how late this is, I got my box even later than most as I missed the postman, and then I've been on holiday so here it is;

I got the orange box, although I keep wondering what box I would have got if the boxes never got re-addressed. The one I got was originally supposed to be sent to a girl in Ireland!
I was really happy with what I got though, and I will use all of the samples. I do wish that I had gotten the Yonka cream for dry skin as my face is so dry after being on holiday.

Elysambre Gloss- Full Size
This is a really deep red gloss with a subtle light pink shimmer. I think this is definitely a night time lipgloss, but very pretty. It's paraben free and 100% natural.

Yon-ka Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalizing Cream
I received this cream for normal to oily skin types. This was supposed to be a customized product, but after the shipping fiasco everyone got uncustomized random boxes. This cream has a very strong scent so probably not the best if you have sensitive skin, but it feels lovely on. It soaks in well to the skin so would be a great morning moisturizer, but on the other hand it's relatively thick at first so I think it would also work as a night cream too.

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration cream
I love this range! I already had a sample of this cream and the toner too and my skin loves it. I have stopped using my Clinique 3 step in favour of this range (although I still use my Clinique mild facial soap). It smells amazing and is a pleasure to use.

Instiut Esthederm Bronz Repair Body Lotion
I took this on holiday and didn't realise it was a body lotion- I was using it on my face! It was actually very good to use in the sun, but I'm now using it to stop me peeling. 

Overall a really nice box, there isn't any product I don't like or won't use. Just a shame about the time it took to arrive.


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